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Guiding children towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow

We invest heavily in the development of our children through Bible-based activities. Each chapter runs programs and events that bring children together to learn, love and grow in a true Christian atmosphere. A criterion for working with Children is love. This is in addition to skills, talents, and ability to relate to the children.

Our goal is to explore practical and concrete ways to organize and energize our youth and provide them with tools needed to become future leaders.

Youth Ministry Mission Statement

To uphold the existing ACF legacy: we intend to live and commit to establishing an undying zeal that results in a spiritual youth network by implementing a true sense of cultural unity and spiritual pride.


  • Increase the participation of all African youth.
  • Address issues pertaining to ACF youth.
  • Cultivate a higher sense of African pride.
  • Establish a feeling of belonging throughout the ACF community.
  • Develop the leadership abilities of ACF youth.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the ACF youth members.
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